Today is the final day of Christmas break.  Boo.  I have loved every second of my family being off school or work and home full-time with me.  It’s been a very relaxing few weeks.  Tomorrow is “snap back to reality” and what will feel like the official beginning of our Year of Austere.  I know we began yesterday, but it didn’t feel so different then or today.

After Christmas though, I know I feel like I have a consumer hangover.  Way too much consumption.  Not nearly enough moderation.  Sadly, two Tylenol and a Gatorade won’t help this sitch.  Most years, I ease back into the consumer grind slowly, not reaching my full potential until maybe mid-February.  This year, I will have to ride that wave right through to December 31st.  I wonder how that will feel???

As I wrote yesterday, we’ve broken the year down into 12 monthly focus topics. This month, we’ve chosen to focus on material or spatial austerity.  It seemed timely.  I will be purging everything from outgrown clothes to unused small appliances, books (*shudder!*) to CDs and DVDs.  Exciting stuff I know…. *yawn*…  I will try to keep the details to a minimum.  The premise being that with each bag of stuff that leaves the house, we free up more space.  I have been doing this for years though so nothing super amazing will be unearthed.  I just need to finish.

If I can finish even a handful of projects, I can free up thought space in my brain to perhaps be creative again.  My sweet hubby bought me an easel for Christmas and I fully intend to use it.  Crafty man also helped my son in choosing some brushes and paints to add to my collection pre-Year of Austere.

I will buy some new things this year, but they will have to add value.  No impulse buys, no shopping sprees *sob*.  I’m going to have to have a reason. Maybe I’ll employ a friend’s trick and carry a desired item around the store with the intent to purchase, get the thrill of ownership, slip into buyer’s remorse pre-cashier and put it down.  I’ve seen her do this dozens of times and just thought she lacked decision-making ability.  I finally asked her what the hell she was doing and it turns out it was a thoughtful enterprise.  Hmm, who knew?

Talk to you Thursday.