Well, my first blog entry ever. In fact, this is the first time that I have expressed myself period on the internet. I suppose that wrenching me kicking and screaming into the 21st century is just one of the many benefits of this “Year of Austere” concept. So be it, although I won’t promise to always be in the best of moods about it.

For example, just yesterday during a short drive, I was forced to pass by three Starbucks haunts. I successfully did, but not without the DT’s setting in after Bucks #2 and a crick in my neck from craning my head for a longing gaze. Now, due to this Austere thing, I am forced to suck it up and transfer my once daily habit to once weekly.

How will I ever survive?

This does sound stupid, doesn’t it? What have we become? When I really take a moment to think about it, I realize that it’s the habit that I will miss; the connection of Bucks with relaxation. The coffee itself is, frankly, shite. This undertaking will no doubt be more than anything an enforced alteration of many habits, most of which are long overdue.

But there are other benefits here; a silver lining, of sorts. As Sarah mentioned in yesterday’s entry, this month’s theme is “stuff”, or more precisely, the ridding ourselves of stuff. And, man, do we ever have lots of it. But the good thing here is that I get to reclaim the garage, otherwise known as the Black Hole of Calcutta. Got something you don’t want? Toss it into our garage. Happen to no longer have space for a (full) Rubbermaid container of books? No problem, shunt it to the garage. Oh, don’t want that couch anymore? Have I ever got just the place for that (that’s Sarah talking, by the way :)). Quite frankly, I’m surprised that we haven’t blown off the garage door yet. I swear that there must be a warping of space-time out there – we’ve probably populated (read “polluted”) ten parallel dimensions by now with our junk.

Anyway, I promise to look for the good with the bad. And I do believe that much will come of the Year of Austere. While I look forward to all of our monthly themes and what our self-imposed measures will teach us, it will be greater inner peace that will truly be my Holy Grail. I see this as much of a spiritual quest as anything. Time to quiet the noise that keeps us from deeper understanding.

Thrown up yet? Get used to it. Wait till I throw in a metaphor or two. That’s when it really gets interesting.

And so I will end my first blog ever. That wasn’t so bad, I guess. But, man, do I ever crave a Bucksie right now.

Till Friday….  Glenn