Let’s see?  “How’s it going?” you ask.  Pretty good.  Pretty damn good.  I haven’t cleaned out a single cupboard yet or reduced a single material possession, but I haven’t brought any in either.  And, so far, my friends still love me.  Of course, I haven’t dissed them online yet either.  Kidding!  I love you guys!

This affects them too.  I used to be the happy recipient of several delightful invitations weekly.  For breakfast, for lunch, for drinks.  Oh, and for shopping! I’d say for coffee, but I think Glenn and Chloe have that whole subject handled. (Seriously, enough already!  Lol!)  I received this text today from one of my best friends, “K, not being able to text you for lunch is fucking boring!”  I have to admit, I almost caved.  What was worse was the pregnant pause afterwards when I have to figure she was waiting for me to cave.  I didn’t – so I guess that’s success of sorts.  *sob*

Now, this year isn’t about not having any fun.  Hell, I plan to have plenty.  I’m just going to tone it back. And, yes, it’s possible the local pub might close. And, for that, I’m very sorry.  They are a super nice family.  Maybe I should have warned them!

In fact, I intend to have plenty of “austere” fun tomorrow at another friend’s house.  It being New Year’s Resolution time of the year helps me out a bit in that I am not the only “difficult” friend.  Some are on diets (arg…. that’d be me too….), some aren’t drinking (*shudder*  of course, now it’s a small glass of wine or a *gak* light beer…), others are busy with workout schedules or creative endeavours.  However, we are getting together tomorrow to celebrate the New Year.  I can hardly wait.

So, the next time you hear from me (Monday), there will a) be less of me, b) I will have been having some modified fun with my friends (they’ll get used to it eventually….), and c) I will have reduced some stuff.  I know exactly what to do with it too…..  I’ll put it in the garage!!!

Talk to you Monday!  Have a great weekend!!!