Holy crap.  Friday came quickly.

Well, we are still austere, although I have to say that not a lot has changed or, at least, feels like it’s changed in our first week.   My blood pressure has lowered several points (honestly).   I think that this is due less to reduced stress from the commitment to cut back on consumerism and more to the couple of pounds of salt I’ve shed from my diet by not patronizing the local watering hole/pizza joint.   Sarah is very right – I think we’ll be seeing a few pink slips coming outta there in the next few weeks.   But hey, I think we’ve already paid for their retirement, so I’m not too concerned about that.

Not that I check my blood pressure often, like I’m a hypochondriac or something.  Just a couple of times a day.

I will admit here though that I think this whole idea of austerity will only work if we sink our teeth into it from the get-go.   The dietary austerity already commented on notwithstanding, a week has already whipped by and what have we achieved?   I look around to see what we’ve pared back and count a big fat zero.

Too harsh?

I know what you’re thinking…  You “A” types are all alike.  Hyped up, with a goal set for everything and a computer program to assess return on investment that pumps out stats daily; hey, something like a blood pressure monitor, come to think of it.   Hmm…

I’m really not that hyper about stuff (right Sarah?).   It’s just that this idea as any idea can become much like the script that plays itself out on countless treadmills in the New Year.   Those racking up the kilometers in January are the same people lounging several times a week in the comfort of the local pub (or favorite couch) in February, doing 12 ounce curls.   Memories…

It’s all about application.

Don’t get me wrong.  The finger I am pointing is directly at me.  I will express my commitment here and now to making this happen.  Hopefully I won’t be eating crow by January 31st.

By the way, just in case you might be interested:   In line with my goal of spiritual  austerity and growth during this Year of Austere, I meditated the other night for half an hour.  Christ (I mean Buddha), it’s not as easy as it sounds.   Have you ever tried to shut off your mind?  Anyway, I took my blood pressure directly afterwards (it was my day to do it anyway, so calm down), and my pressure had dropped a full 10 points!  Who knew?

Hypotensively yours, Glenn