Hello everyone!! Not much has happened since the last time I wrote, however I have started to see the affects of the Year of Austere. I’m craving food from the pub and Starbucks, I want to go shopping and I have the sudden want to go to the spa. All this healthy shit is starting to take its toll on my happiness! As I crank the incline up on the treadmill, or walk past Starbucks without going inside, a little bit of my heart crumbles. I am certainly waiting for all these cuts to catch up to me, and the weight to begin dripping off, goddamn!

Anyway, let’s change the subject before I begin hyperventilating! Thursday morning I opened my underwear drawer to find the contents spilling out onto the ground as if a wild explosion had happened earlier. As I stood, mouth open trying to figure out what the hell to do, I realized that I had way too much stuff that I don’t even wear! I grabbed clothes off the ground and left the mess to be dealt with later. That later came earlier today.

I decided to tackle the subject of cleaning out my drawers this morning, when I tripped over some random swimsuits laying on my floor. I took my four drawers and dumped all the remaining contents onto the ground and began to sort through and fold everything. I came across many shirts that at first I put back into the drawer, then realizing that since the last time I cleaned, I hadn’t worn said article of clothing. Then, I would remove the piece of clothing from the drawer once more and place it in the ‘donate pile’.

By the end of my donating session I had discovered that I own ten scarves, seven belts, eighteen bras, six sweaters and twelve bathing suits, to name a few. That is a gross amount of clothing!! My goal is to pare these things down even more by the end of the year and keep the buying of new clothes wayyyyy down! However, I already know that this will prove hard because I need a new skirt for my girlfriend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night…oh boy, this should be an interesting year! … xoxo Chloe