So, let’s see….  I said there’d be less of me.  Make that 2.2 pounds, yo.  Slow, I know, but slow and steady wins the race.  This bunny has done quick and it doesn’t work.  Each time, I gain it all back plus five for good measure.  I really, really don’t want five more pounds.  Thanks though.

I also said I’d have modified fun with my friends.  I have been.  Friday was a hoot.  I love those women.  I even enjoyed a little pink bubbly.  And my gym pal keeps me laughing MWF.  She’s one of the most positive people in my life and I adore her.  Plus, she kicks my ass….  Chloe is working out with me on the weekends and this Sunday we saw a new one….  Wait for it….  Running backward on the treadmill.  What.  The.  Hell???  If I was a different kind of gal, I would have thought that looked pretty damn cool and felt a little gymtimidated.  I’m not and I didn’t.  They looked ridiculous.

If memory serves (and I’m not looking, I promise), I think I said something about reducing “stuff”.  We did a bit of purging on the weekend and that was all good.  It was my intention to purge the kitchen today, but honestly I’ve done it recently and the only thing left to do is empty and re-organize the junk drawer and clean the floors.  Fun.

I directed a little.  I asked Chloe if she could purge her clothes and she did. They are being donated to the Salvation Army.  Nicholas was asked to purge his bookshelves and so he did.  I notice he said in his blog post that we would be selling the books and I will try, but more than likely they’ll end up being donated as well.  I also noticed that he busted us on the Xbox.  Damn kid. That was his “delayed gratification” that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Well, it was supposed to be.  As soon as he knew for sure he wouldn’t be getting one this Christmas, it turned into the ideal surprise gift.  I’ve never in my life seen a kid more excited.  So yeah, busted.

This family blog seemed like such a great idea months ago, but I think it’s just dawning on me that I might find out things about myself that I didn’t know my family thought.  Like that Glenn is so territorial about the large storage closet (aka garage) we share, or that Chloe thinks I have great ideas, but no follow-through.  Or worse, that Nicholas will happily out us at the drop of a hat.

I guess that leaves me scared, but excited.  I really have noticed a difference in the cadence of our days.  No more unproductive errands.  No more shopping just for the sake of it.  No more drive-thru runs after school.  No eating out.  I know I lack credibility at only nine days in to this experiment, but I think it’s all going to work out perfectly.

Until next time!  Sarah