Hello, friends!  It’s been a lazy few days.  Glenn’s been away on business and the kids and I have been sick.  Chloe made it to school one day in the last three, but Nicholas has been home since Monday.  So, with the exception of driving Chloe to and from school and a quick pit stop at the grocery store for supplies, we have been housebound.  It’s been fun….. and kinda weird.

Fun because we’ve lived in our jammies and watched alot of TV and movies, worked on a Christmas jigsaw puzzle (I buy one for the fam every year in honour of my Dad – with whom I spent countless hours quietly assembling puzzles and chatting about world peace and such…), and just generally hung out.  It’s been pretty awesome, with the exception of being sick, obviously. We must have reduced the PVR’s memory from 45% down to at least 39% – that’s the grand de-cluttering that happened the last few days.

Weird because I’m pretty sure the BC Hydro guy who knocked on the door saw us all hit the floor like we feared the JWs had come knocking.  Oh, and the TV was on – which is fully visible from the front door.  And we were giggling. Loudly.  There was no way I was answering the door in my PJs though.  Not a chance.  Not at 3 in the afternoon.

Also weird because I am trying to figure out how to be witty – or is that Twitty? – in 160 characters or less in my Tweets.  Every time I write one, I think why the hell would anyone want to know that?  It’s all so odd to me.  So, if you’re following me on Twitter, my apologies.  And if you’re not, you might want to wait a bit.  I feel pretty awkward – like the 6 ft tall gorky girl with braces at a school dance.  (Sorry if that’s you I’m referring to, btw.)  I’ll figure it out though and just as that gorky girl turns into a supermodel, I will blossom into a noteworthy Twitterer (Twit?) or die tryin’!

Talk at you Monday!  s. xoxo