If I remember correctly, I mentioned how easy coasting halfway to January on a post-Christmas consumer hangover would be.  I do it almost every year.  Then the itch sets in –  the itch to buy something that I wanted, but didn’t get.   Or perhaps the itch to decorate or start a new hobby.  Or, better yet, to catch up with friends that spent the holiday season either away or at home with family.  Or, ideally, a combo shopping day(s) with a friend or two.  Not this year, sistah.  This year, I am austere. *sob*  This year, I am thoughtfully looking at my spending and trying to make better decisions.  *sob*  This year, I am reducing the background noise.  *sob*  This year, I fucking miss my pretty black credit card!!!

Tantrum much?  I almost had a nervous breakdown in WalMart of all places today.  I went there straight after the gym, thinking that as hot as I didn’t look, I probably still didn’t approach “the people of WalMart” level of non-hotness.  I needed a few cleaning supplies and frozen pizza (who’s kidding who – chances are I’m gonna slip in the cooking-dinner-every-night category).  I have never lingered so long over magazines that I couldn’t justify, craft supplies that I probably already have at home, Christmas gift bags at 75% off, and $5 DVDs .  I was good though.  I kept right on walking.  My most extravagant purchase was Vitamin Water.  Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I “minimized” those last week while hacking up a lung.

So, yeah.  Glenn’s definition of austerity as being the opposite of extravagance is right on point.  I am now shopping at *bleep*ing WalMart.  Happy?  Well, I’m not.  And now I pretty much have to keep going because I posted the link to the blog on Facebook.  Apparently, I’ve reduced my intelligence as an austerity measure….

Thanks for listening to me fall apart.  No fear.  I will suck it up.  I will put “my big girl panties on”.  I will make lemonade out of these lemons.  I will be austere this year if it kills me.  If nothing else, I will be so fraught and crazy that perhaps I will at least earn a place in the next issue of “the people of WalMart”.  Do you think I have a better chance of scoring the centerfold if I achieve my weight loss goals or just let it all hang out???  Until Thursday, s. xoxo