Today I can barely open my eyes and stare at this computer screen for long enough to write this entry. I am so sick that I have been at home all day, laying on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars with my mom and wishing for it to snow so much I don’t have to go to school tomorrow! I considered clearing out all of my old Groovy Girls from my closet, because I had little else to do. However an attempt to move off the couch made that decision for me – the Groovy Girls were stayin’ where I had found ‘em! Thinking about cleaning them out though really made me realize how much old crap is just chillin’ in my room, going to no good use whatsoever! I should really make all those old Polly Pockets, Groovy Girls and Lego my priority for this week. Because I definitely don’t need that stuff anymore!

Maybe if I can come up with enough stuff to sell and get rid of, then I can make a little bit of money. Seeing as my job searching is going nowhere and I don’t think asking my parents for any extra money is gonna work right now…I kind of, definitely need this money! I haven’t been shopping in forever, I haven’t been out to dinner or Starbucks in forever AND I’m saving money for my trip to Germany in April! The point is that even if I was allowed to do half of those things, I wouldn’t have any money for them, which is really worrying me! I need some cashhhh… All the more incentive to get off my ass and try to clear some stuff out.

Speaking of my ass, I’ve been going to the gym quite a lot lately and I feel absolutely fantastical! My butt is reshaping and looking lovely, my stomach is starting to flatten and my stomach is moving back into a good position. My bff, Claire has also joined Steve Nash and we are now going together, which works perfectly. I swear to God, that girl can whoop my ass into amazing shape in a few weeks if we keep working out together!! She’s a little firecracker and she climbed more stairs quicker than I’ve ever seen anybody else do it. She definitely is making me think that this whole working out thing is going to pay off in the end. (Or more hopefully by the time I go to Germany…those German boys are h-o-t, HOT!

Well, I should probably get on that homework that I haven’t done today yet. And then I should clean my room. And then I should start clearing out some toys. And then I should go to the gym. Well, I can say that at least one of those things will definitely get done tonight (hopefully…)! Anyway, until Saturday! … xoxo Chloe