Me again.  So, we are almost two thirds through this month and, with the exception of my minor meltdown Monday, it’s all going pretty smoothly. Blogging and tweeting daily are probably more of an issue than the actual mechanics of downsizing.  Not that either are difficult, they’re just not part of any routine I’ve had before and therefore require mental effort.  I’ve been in pare down mode for a long time and have reduced many cabinets, closets and drawers in my day.  I’ve chosen to not write too much about that because it can be a little dull….  *yawn* …  However, a few tips seem in order for those of you who have asked.

I’m just going to throw them at you as they pop into my head though, because if I wrote “the 3 things you must do” or “5 surefire ways to trim your belongings”, I’d lose respect for myself.  All those numbered self-help books have made me laugh for so many years, I just can’t go there.

The most important rule is to go slow.  Pick one drawer, one cupboard, one anything and start there.  Separate everything.  Decide what to keep, what to donate, what to toss and do it.  Remember to recycle as much as possible and please consider donating gently used items to a local charity.

Another suggestion is to make sure you have time to complete the entire project from start to finish.  Having boxes, bags, piles of crap, etc. strewn all over the house is more de-motivating than you can imagine.  Purging a massive closet (or, in Glenn’s case, garage!!!) shouldn’t be attempted by de-cluttering virgins.  Start small, like a drawer.

Buy organizers sparingly.  January is the month to purge, apparently, and home decor stores are loaded with seductive items.  First purge, then assess your true needs, then buy if necessary.

Sexy, huh?  All these tips?  What was that, three?  “Sarah’s 3 Titillating Tips for Tossing Trash”……  Nah!  Slow and steady wins the race, my friend.  Oh, and be brutal.  Yes, you want to keep the jeans that made your ass look great all those years ago, but styles change.  Any jeans older than say 7 or 8 years are mom jeans.  Toss them.  Even if you’re not a mom.  And, trust me, if you’re cleaning out your drawers because they’re overflowing, you clearly are at one with your credit card.  You can always buy more.  You can.  I can’t. *sob*

And, that’s about it.  Good luck!  s. xoxo