So, the other day I came across this sign below…

Now, it struck me after seeing this that if I tried particularly hard, I could probably twist this into an entry into our Year of Austere blog.   Well, here I am.

In fact, as I’ve pondered this, it is not too far from the truth.   My (our) decision to go down this road of austerity this year does sometimes feel like the above sign suggests.  In other words:  “What the hell were we thinking?!”

Yet, for those of us who might take the “glass half full” approach, you might look at this and see it as real commitment.   Sure, now that we’re in, we could always back up.   And some days, that looks a very attractive option.   But I know we won’t, because we find that we pull together when one of us is feeling weak.

For example…   I was cleaning my wallet yesterday (OK, I don’t care what you say but this is clutter reduction too) and what did I find?   A Starbucks gift card.   Of course, it probably doesn’t have much more than 28 cents left on it.  But that didn’t stop me from venturing downstairs and sheepishly approaching Sarah…

“Ah, look what I found.  Since it’s really not spending our money (this was given to me as a gift) I thought that, you know, I could just scoot down the road and….”

To say the look I received was one of disappointment would be an understatement.   Disappointment, yes, but blended exquisitely with dismay, and disillusionment, and disbelief.   I could go on.

So, without another word, I turned and scurried upstairs, tail between legs.  I won’t be trying that again any time soon.  It is much easier to be strong, and remain committed, than to face that reaction again.

Like I said.  We support each other.   The tactics might seem a bit draconian, but hey, they work.