Well, hello again! I can definitely say that this week has done me no good whatsoever and has shown me once more how hard temptations are to say no to! Just in the last day, Mac Miller tickets went on sale (how can I say no to the love of my life?), I was invited to go to the pub for lunch with my girlfriends (socializing is defs healthy, right?) and then my other friend came over for movies and decided she wanted to get Starbucks (you can’t deny a guest, that would just be rude!), so what did I do? I caved…

I’m not proud of my actions this week, but I can’t deny them either. Maybe joining a Starbucks Anonymous would help, or seeing a guidance counselor? Oh, wait – THEY DON’T MAKE THOSE!! Darn, I guess I’m just screwed then! This month is definitely not working for me, and if there was an Austere Hell, I’d definitely be going there when I die.

Maybe I’m just not cut out for this month? Fingers crossed, these next months will go better than this one has gone… (Couldn’t possibly go much worse!!) I hope February will be the time when I realize my austerity potential and will see the light! Until then though, I will try my darnedest to do something and have something to write about other than my utter failure! Until Wednesday … xoxo Chloe

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