So I had this idea how about I be organized because if you saw my room jumping out a window would be less painful then looking at my room. I would jump but I live here and I don’t want to die. So my mom took me to staples to get me a new binder because I’m not organized at school either so I still need to do that.Today we went to Starbucks and after I said I always like it that at Starbucks you can always start drinking it straight away because it is not too hot. Mom says that it is bad because she likes it hot and she says I always see the positive in the negative but do I dun dun dun?.So if you have any tips for my organization plan please leave a comment. If there is any people thinking I need to add anything leave a comment because I know I have little blog posts so if you want me to do longer ones I will. Talk to you next sunday bye Nick.