While we are most certainly living the austere dream (nightmare?) daily and with much success, we spend more mental energy figuring out what to write about.  I mean REALLY. A great deal of what we are “doing” this year is not doing stuff.  We aren’t gratuitously spending money, we aren’t eating out, we aren’t duplicating errands or shopping online. Did I mention we weren’t shopping or eating out?….  ‘Cause I want to make that clear…

It’s hard to put into words – fresh ones anyway – what you’re not doing on a daily basis. The things we are doing are similarly habitual and therefore not fresh.  I cook dinner daily (yay…  lucky me), I make a meal plan weekly and buy groceries accordingly.  I try to replicate or even surpass eating-out-yumminess that the kids miss.  You should try my hot chocolate now.  It’s pretty de-lish.

And, boy oh boy, are the cupboards being purged.  I have a car-load of books to donate.  Unfortunately, the local book bin is full to bursting – someone clearly stole my super original idea – so they might live on a short-term basis in the back of my car.  There are bags in the back of Glenn’s car that were to be donated to the Salvation Army, but apparently they (our local one at least) don’t take toys.  What the fo-shizzle???  ( I would normally have sworn, but the family has told me to take it down a notch.  Personally, I thought not ever having used the “c” word was pretty tame, but hey, I’m of British descent. We swear.)

I also have a stack of children’s books and Lego awaiting my niece’s visit. That’s if she’s still coming…..  Earlier this week, when I gave her a suggestion that didn’t go over too well (in all fairness, I was poking at her), she said and I quote, “You are just mean.  Go shopping or something…”  So, that’s what it’s come to.  What the…. fo-shizzle…. am I supposed to do for fun?  I can’t shop, I can’t meet my friends for lunch, I’ve been sick forever and nearly hacked up a lung at the gym today, and now I can’t be mean????  That blows, my friends.

On the bright side, it gave me something to write about, I guess.  I intend to start taking photos and adding them to my posts.  That’ll be fun and free.  So, look forward to that on Thursday.  Until then, I’ll be taking photos, tweeting, purging, and (unfortunately) cooking.  Toodles!  s. xoxo