OK.  I’ve actually done something austere that I can actually write about.   I’m so excited, I can hardly type.   My two fingers are all a-jumble.

Yes, I can actually state that I have proactively done an austere deed this week.  I know, right.  None of this ‘talking around the topic’ shit like I’ve been doing.  Surely you’ve noticed.  Raised an eyebrow perhaps, or proffered a derisive snort in my direction, at my lack of substance thus far in the actual action part of our family undertaking.

Before I delight you with the specifics of said brave venture into this new world, I would like to state one thing in my defense.   Something that Sarah quite aptly put her finger on in her last blog.   It’s not like we haven’t been doing anything.   We have removed quite a bit so far in terms of our spending and activities.   Cutbacks in the true spirit of austerity are alive and well here in this household, let me tell you.   You think Greece got it bad….

Actually Greece feels bad for us!  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this slogan painted on a doorway in a recent Greek austerity march.   Let me translate for you…

It says:  “Sarah and Glenn, we are with you in spirit.  Hang in there.   You are our light.”  See for yourself below…








So, back to what I was saying.   We have been busy cutting back, but not so much in the project-oriented way that excess stuff requires.

Well, that my friends is no longer a finger that you can wag at me.   Go on, put it down.   My home office was doing just that – waving a figuratively demeaning finger at me – when I approached it on the weekend with a very stern, austere eye.

After pulling myself up with a groan from the floor after falling over one the dozen or so boxes littering the place, I went to work.  You should have seen me.  There was dust flying, cardboard tearing, vacuums sucking.  I was like a man possessed.   Single-minded.  Focused.  A testosterone-laden Molly’s Maid going for broke.

Every now and again when I would look out the window to the street (trying to cool my jets), there would be a group of people just standing out there looking up, whispering to themselves as if a suicidal man was on the roof just waiting to jump.  I’m not sure if it was the noise or the smoke billowing from the vacuum.

Man, you should see that place now though.  Pristine.  And does it ever feel good!!!   Wow, who knew?  It is almost spiritual the feel I get whenever I walk in there now.

Perhaps that’s it though.  Perhaps this austerity thing will really bring us the clarity we are striving for.    In the transcending of stuff and life’s noise, a spiritual reawakening.

We can certainly hope.