I feel like as the month moves forward I am becoming more and more discouraged, seeing as I still have yet to do shit!! I’ve been super busy lately, studying for exams and whatnot, and it’s been a struggle to even get to the gym. The stress has finally been lifted off my shoulders, seeing as I finished my final provincial this morning! The only problem with that is that I now have absolutely no excuse as to not finishing anything for this month’s goal…

Shit. Well now that I have no excuses, I better get on with figuring out what I will be doing this week! I’m off school until Monday, so I was originally planning on spending every day either at the gym or with friends, but I guess I will now have to rethink that idea. This week I guess I will attempt to get into my closet and clean out all the random ass shit that it’s in there. Then I will look into applying for a job… This has to do with the Year of Austere because I need some cash of my own so I can still go out and do things, instead of having no real social life! Good Lord, this whole ‘austerity’ crap thing is cramping my mojo.

That said, I’m starting to wonder how much I will actually learn from this whole experience if I do not fully submerge myself and keep doing what I am doing now. I highly doubt I’ll take anything away from it, unless I change my ways sooner rather than later! That will be my goal from now on – to fully get involved with this and try to work with it, instead of against it. Because apparently, working against it really isn’t helping my cause either! If you can’t convince them to change their minds, join them in their thinking ! … xoxo Chloe