Last Sunday I said that I was going to be organized.  Ya, still haven’t done that. My mom cleaned my room so you won’t have to jump out the window. In a few days my room will look like a bomb went off. So we went to a place yesterday called Original Joes  – it is very tasty *num num num slurp slurp* that’s just me drinking my root beer.  So I had a math test on Friday it was pretty easy. And a science test coming on Tuesday. I’m nervous about that. I recently hit my head hard on the cement at school and had to go home early. Mom booked me an appointment at the doctors office and he said that it was just a bad head injury so not a concussion so I’m happy about that. So I’m happy I get to blog today and watch TV and talk with my friends on XBOX. So next month it is financial month.   Hope it is ok. It means no buying games *sob wimper* ……….. So I hope you liked this weeks blog post BYE.