So, January 1st, I had the idea, the rules (more or less) and the participants. At the beginning though, this is what the project looked like to me…..









….. with me at the bottom.  Not insurmountable by anyone’s estimation but a steady, upward climb…..  with hand rails for when the going gets tough.  I knew that there’d be alot of work in it for me, whether it be increased grocery shopping, cooking, blogging, Tweeting, harassing friends to read the blog, harassing friends to harass their friends to the read the blog, harassing friends to…..  You get the point.  (Read already!!!)

So, yeah, I’ve done all that. And I’ve more or less kept up with my gym attendance.  I’ve been sick for most of January and coughed myself off the treadmill and out of the gym one day, keener that I am/was.  I spent a lovely afternoon painting with my artist friend, Jennifer, whose beautiful art you can see at Her photography, as you will see, is gorgeous too.

I re-visited my niece’s blog at . She and her family spent the latter part of 2010 minimizing their belongings like nobody’s business.  Her blog is quite possibly the reason why I fail at blogging intimately about the nitty gritty of reducing belongings.  She did it, she wrote about it and I read it.  And, trust me when I tell you, she’s a much better writer than I am.  You will enjoy it immensely.  She has recently “reincarnated” the blog and it’s a joy to read.  If, however, you are pressed for time and can’t read more than one blog a day, ours is still the clear choice.  Sorry, ladies!  *Ding!*  Promo time is over….

As for our month of spatial/material austerity, I’d say it was a success.  I freed up physical as well as mental space and I did a little creating with the energy excess. If I turned the experience around in my head (and took my husband’s photography with me), it now looks like this to me…..







…. which just happens to be what you see if you turn around at the bottom of those stairs.  I see beautiful, endless possibility.  Take care until next time, Sarah. xoxo