Well, well, well, if it isn’t my day to blog again! I’ve had a long week so far and I’m looking forward to it finally being over, that’s for sure!! Starting my new school semester and having all of my hard classes this term, is certainly gonna prove to be a busy time. Math, science, planning and French? Yeah, that’s my next four and a half months! I have a math test tomorrow, science work on stuff I cannot recall ever learning about last year AND a planning project due on Monday. Oh and I panicked yesterday when my French teacher asked me how to say ‘I am 15 years old’ and somehow ended up saying ‘my name is 15 years’…awkward. Good thing I’m not a person that gets embarrassed easily!

Anyway, the point of me talking about my current school situation is because it actually DOES relate back to austerity! (*gasp*) With all this hard shit going on (no, that’s NOT what she said), I wish I could somehow have a distraction. Such as shopping or eating out or Starbucks… Then, on top of all that, I’m so busy I don’t even know where I’m gonna make any time for a job! Goodness gracious, austerity is awfully depressing… However, I am going to Whistler with my girlfriend Natasha, and that will be a ton of fun! My parents are going to pay for my skiing tickets because it’s part of my working out and staying healthy. (Hehehe, nice little spin I put on that, eh?) But going into the village every day and looking into all the stores I can’t buy a thing in, will definitely be quite challenging!

I guess this year (this financial month, especially), I’ll just have to live off my friends bringing me away with them and flipping things to be ‘health benefits’. Or getting an older boyfriend…with a car!! That way they can drive me around and bring me wherever I want to go. And a job is necessary too! Then they can buy me whatever I want, and then life will be good and full of unnecessary, materialistic crap, that I shall use once or twice, forget about and move on. But at least for those couple uses, I shall be happy!

Wait – when I put it that way…that’s definitely a little worrisome when I spell it all out like that. Well, now I’m embarrassed! And shit, I’m the one that’s never supposed to get embarrassed and be hardy and easy going. Fuck. This post totally just changed my entire character!! Lol, jk. But it has made me notice that this really is what stuff is…unnecessary, materialistic crap. Hmm, roll that around in your mind for a little while! … xoxo Chloe

p.s. While you’re rolling, check out Rack City by Tyga, what a lovely song! Nothing to do with austerity whatsoever, but it’s part of my daily life now…so you’re welcome.