And so begins another month of self-imposed austerity measures.  Yay.  I am actually so torn right now.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not stopping until the year is over.  There will be twelve full months of austerity – four complete seasons – before we consider this little social experiment of ours concluded.  I have to confess, however, that part of me thinks that our lessons have been learned and that we’ll be just fine now and we can do away with the strict nature of the YoA and still enjoy the fruits of discovery.  (This is why I don’t diet well, people.  I know everything.)  Out of my tragic dieting history, I have learned many, many things – the most important being that it is a complete and total lifestyle shift and that habit, habit, habit is what sets the success stories apart from the yo-yos like myself.  Therefore, we will keep chugging along.

At our monthly night out, it was decided that February would be our month to address financial austerity, as you have probably heard by now.  February works for us for a multitude of reasons, but these are a few….  Glenn receives his annual bonus, mortgage  and investment statements arrive in the mail – as do charitable donation slips, tax return packages, and insurance renewals. We make alot of financial decisions in February for the coming year.  Also, it’s a short month!

There’s another reason as well.  That’s the fact that one of our goals when deciding to blog about our year was that it might inspire other people to do the same, in part or in full.  If we can save people money by talking about finances, I’d rather have that month come sooner than later.  I’m sure you would too!

That’s all, folks!  Toodles!  s. xoxo

p.s.  In the interest of full disclosure, I bought a CD this week.  With an old gift card.  That no longer lives in my wallet.  Thereby minimizing the clutter in my wallet…..