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In my last blog entry, I conveyed to you the unthinkable; that I “forego” the riding of my beloved motorcycle for a full year in the spirit of “the Year of Austere”.   I know what even you non-motorcyclists among us are thinking.   That this is cruel and highly unusual punishment.   An expectation that goes well beyond the requirements of even our austerity measures this year.

Yet, I feel compelled to plead my case, if for no other reason than to reassure you that your concern is well-founded.

So, to my judge and jury, here goes…

1) You have only to take one look at the beauty in question below to understand just how inhumane it would be to separate me from her…

2) As this was not a pre-discussed item heading into the Year of Austere, I am protected by a “grandfathering clause” that I know I can locate if I look really hard at the small print.   Just trust me.   This clause does exist.

3) Even if the above-mentioned clause does not exist (which I assure you it does), and that my motorcycle is fair game, there exist precedents that prove that we can adjust things as we go.   A case in point from earlier this week.   Sarah just happened to find an HMV gift card in her wallet that just happened to magically transform into a Lana Del Rey CD.   You might recall that I was given grief not a week earlier when I tried that with a Starbucks card.   Are we sensing a double-standard here??

4) As clearly disclosed in an earlier blog entry, my main goal this year is to gain clarity of thought.  My thought is no clearer than when I am zipping along at 120 (km) on the 99 with mindless drivers on either side of me.   Other than meditation itself, nothing is more conducive to purity and clarity of thought than motorcycling.

5) As Sarah has mentioned, February is bonus month and as such, is traditionally the time of much discussion about how to waste it.  This year, however, is very different.  This year, we will be responsible.  This, therefore, leaves me ample funds to pay for my insurance and the miniscule amount of gas I might burn on a Sunday.

6) I’m sure there is a #6, but I just can’t think of it right now due to my upset condition.  If I were in the Wild West, I just might have to stop in for another bottle of laudanum.

So, there you have it.  Rest assured, your concern for me is well-justified.  And I thank you for your continued support.