Greetings from Whistler!! I am having a fantastic time up here and have enjoyed Natasha’s hot tub, playing Jenga and a solid day of skiing today! Later we will head down to the village and do some shopping, get Starbucks and go to Avalanche Pizza for dinner! This has been a fantastic weekend and I wish that I didn’t have to return to austerity. I can’t wait to see my family, even though it was just yesterday that I saw them, but I do miss them. I just don’t miss being austere!! Sucks for y’all back home. 😉

This trip has made me notice that I think austerity is quite good in small amounts and downsizing and cutting out everything unnecessary is definitely a fantastic thing to do. However, I do quite enjoy coming back to normal life sometimes!! Not that Natasha’s anything in the normal… Natasha makes me laugh, whenever she talks of this blog she always refers to it as ‘the year of Amish’ because she can never remember the word ‘austere’. She’s blonde though, so I cut her some slack. She’s also my Zumba partner however, and we go to dance at Steve Nash every Monday. We’re working together to cut down and slim our waists down!! The quote that Natasha and I are living by at the moment, I have attached below.

Austerity is important to really make you realize how amazing everything you have is. That’s what I’m learning this week, and I’m really starting to understand why my mom wanted us to take on this project. Yeah, it can be annoying at times and sometimes I feel like I just really need a Starbucks drink. But then there are times like this that I really get the point of letting materials go and just enjoying the surroundings. This is a great life skill to have acquired, and it will definitely come in handy in the future (when I’m living alone and can’t afford things!!). Au revoir, and I shall talk to you again on Wednesday. I will post some pics from the trip then and you can see what I mean by enjoying your surroundings!! Ciao for now! … xoxo Chloe & Natasha