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Hi so it’s financial month. My dad recently won money for being the best manager in Canada for his company. So with that prize money me and my dad are going to buy a canoe. I know it’s financial month but it’s prize money. So we will practice until I don’t fall into the river.

I finally got my binder organized it looks great. This will help me with my organization austerity. So to help people with the same organization problem as me I will create an organization company. Here’s its catch frase. You won’t have your mom SCREAMING at you to clean your room any more (organization guaranteed for an extra fifty$ you will get a brand new binder). Call 1-800-organization or enter to win a prize to enroll your child today (no money back). Here’s feedback from our recent guests “this is a scam don’t join” okay thats enough feedback for one day.

Austerity means nothing to me. Financial austerity means a lot to me but it’s the shortest month so I might just barely live. I just don’t know if I’ll live on no treat month and no video games month. So it is nearing the end of the post but if you want to come to my organization camp send a comment. Forget what that guy said, its not a scam. So bye guys see you next Sunday