I guess today’s post could be about last Thursday’s post-script confessional and the ensuing drama all because of a $15 CD, but I think not.  (I’m growing a maturity bone….)  Today I wanted to discuss working with what you’ve (already) got.  This concept can be applied to many areas of your life, but I like to decorate and I’m going through massive withdrawals so let’s start there.

A question that I am trying to keep in the forefront of my mind when purging is, “Am I going to use it NOW?”  If not, it’s outta here!  Brutal, I know, but I’ve been at this for awhile now and I’ve already been through the, “Will I use it in a year, 6 months, 3 months, EVER!!!” scenarios and I’m so over that.  (Like, that was totally five minutes ago.)  So, somehow purging has turned into equal parts donating and decorating.  Last year, I gave away BAGS of designer (home decor) fabric that I had accumulated and kept so long without using it, I no longer liked most of it.  So…. gone!  Now, the remaining fabric has to be used or it too will meet the curb.

This weekend’s project was nothing as sexy as sewing… but it was pretty easily accomplished AND everyone’s happy with it AND it only cost the price of one black Ikea frame.  I had everything else.  I re-jigged our picture shelf in the dining room.  I even have a photo of the finished project as proof…..

…. complete with smiling children doing their homework!  Staged!  They only smiled for the picture and usually the table is messier, but I always tidy for strangers.  If nothing else, it kept me from storming Home Sense with my credit card for a couple of days.  Pinterest and houzz.com help too.  They are the methadone to my addiction….

s. xOOx