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After reading Nick’s blog entry on the weekend, I have to say how impressed I was.   Not only did I nearly laugh myself off my seat, we witnessed a budding entrepreneurial mind at work.   Organizational Camp at $50 a pop – hey, not a bad idea.  There are hoards of organizationally-challenged people out there whose lives could be much-improved by such an undertaking.  I would readily sign up for it though, unfortunately, I don’t have fifty bucks.   I considered going to my accountant and holder of the purse-strings to make a case, but I figured this would only risk opening up the whole motorcycle fiasco again and, well, I decided against it.  This is not to say that said issue is behind me.   This remains a tenuous thing.    However – thanks to those of you who so vociferously came to my defense – I did have a wonderful long ride on Sunday.   Ah, it was so good to get out there and just cruise!

I also wanted to reassure my supporters on this issue that Sarah seemed okay that you spoke out against her stance.   Though, I thought I did hear her mumble something under her breath at one point – something like “I’ll make those bastards pay” – although I’m sure I just misheard.  Anyway, regardless of the fallout over this, you can rest assured that you did the right thing.  And, in the end, that’s what really matters.

Nick had also mentioned in his blog that we are in the market for a canoe due to some unexpected funds that have come our way.  I feel I must explain the rationale for this.  Yes, in a way, purchasing this is contrary to our goals of financial austerity this month.   But, there is little that is more austere than paddling a canoe into the wilderness and camping on a lakeshore for a weekend.   Quality time for father and son, and much-needed separation from the noise of the world.   Anyway, the proceeds from our little entrepreneur’s austerity-inspired new business will more than cover the cost!

By the way, you are probably wondering what Hot Gulabjamun is.   Well, I was in one of the few Indian restaurants in Surrey today having a business lunch with a colleague, when I saw this listed on the dessert menu…

Hot Gulabjuman:  Dry Milk cream, deep fried and served warm with sugar syrup

Okay, as if hot cream wasn’t bad enough.  Let’s deep fry it and pour a cup of liquid sugar over the top for good measure.  As I was reading this, I could feel my arteries harden and my feet tingle with diabetic neuropathy.   What in the hell!  This must be at least 20,000 kilocalories of sugar!

Anyway, I raise it because it struck me in reading this how I now seem to assess everything in terms of austerity these days.  When it comes to food, this interesting dessert called Hot Gulabjuman – otherwise known as Hot Heart Attack On A Plate – must rank as one of the most excessive I have ever seen.

So, the way I see it, in turning my back on this delicacy and this excess, I was in fact engaging in the practice of austerity.  Not quite Buddha-like, but getting there.  Don’t you think?