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Since getting back from Whistler, my life has been everything but interesting! Full of homework, tests, quizzes, projects and many other things that are highly unnecessary. However, one thing that I have noticed is that all this time spent with my family instead of out spending money, I have actually been working more on my studies. I have managed to get 100% on my math AND science quizzes that I had over the last week. Considering I usually don’t really understand or enjoy either, this is a huge deal and I am very happy with myself! Not only am I doing well, I’m also enjoying new things, and that’s very exciting for me.

Besides the fact that I’m doing better in school and being overly positive is working for me, I have been having a pretty boring time. I continuously think back to being in Whistler and all the easy going and fun times Tash and I were having. I wanna go back and be care free again! Wahhhh! To help me cope, I often look back on the pictures I took. Maybe to help you all through the rest of this week, these pictures will help you too!

Hope you all have a fantastic week, followed by a wonderful weekend. Maybe you will use your positive thinking to get you places, and maybe have something lucky happen to you. Anything is possible with the power of your mind, I’ll tell you that right now! … xoxo Chloe

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