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Greetings, earthlings. With my cousin and her (adorable) kids being here for the weekend, austerity has become a thing that is quite hard to keep up with. Usually when we have guests, we would bring them to dinner, or go do something fun. But, no. We have to entertain a household with things we can do for free (oh joy). However, I cleaned my entire room yesterday, disposing of all things I no longer needed – garbage, clothes, pictures of friends that are long gone.  Which I think is certainly something that was long overdue, and quite healthy for the mind.

To be rid of waste is a great way to cleanse yourself of the past and let go of those things (or people) that have brought you down. With the recent shed of a couple negative friends, I am feeling much better about myself and my head is in a much better space! By finalizing the separation of those people and myself, I have taken down the pictures of them. By doing this, I believe it completely gets them out of your life and off your mind, which is crucial to getting fully rid of anything. If you’ve already stopped being friends with them, why leave a daily reminder of what used to be? Ditch that shit and move on with better, more positive people.

Another thing I did this week to cleanse negativity and work on my austerity, was to take down all my old dance costumes. I quit dancing a year ago yesterday and it was the best decision of my entire life. I danced at one of the most negative places on this planet, directed by one of the most immature and hateful people on the planet. That place was the direct source of the majority of the most negative experiences in my entire life. Quitting made my entire life get better (and that’s an understatement). By taking down the costumes and only leaving the medals up, it is a reminder that I was once very good at something, but also that it is in my past and I am able to move away from it now.

I understand that this month is supposed to be about financial austerity and whatnot, but seeing as quitting dance was a year ago yesterday, I thought this would be more fitting. And I mean, let’s face it – I haven’t bought any new clothes, rarely go to Starbucks, haven’t been out to a restaurant with my friends in like a month and have mainly been saving! What is there for me to write about regarding finances anyway? Nothing! So here’s to a positive, wonderful, amazing-filled week, and to the ridding of negativity from everywhere! … xoxo Chloe