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Hey guys. I had a very generous few days I gave away a bunch of new unopened stuff.  I also cleaned out my closet and gave away most of my Lego.

So I started writing a book.   I’m still on my first chapter out of 25 chapters not doing so well with that.

I got my first person to donate to my organization company.  Guess who it is… me.!!!!!!  That guy who said it was a scam chased all my customers away not that I would have many but he still did. Here’s some more customers comments…  “This is the best organization ever hey when will you give me that twenty dollars for saying this,” “we’re still recording, you rat,” “oh oops so as I said it’s good.” So yeah.  NO MORE COMMENTS.

I’m really happy that I got a very nice comment on my last post.  Thank you. I am desperate for more people to send money to my organization so far I have no money except the few dollars I donated.  Remember 1-800-organization.