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Let’s start by saying there will be no gratuitous muffin shots like my last post.  Sorry.  Gratuity is highly over-rated though.  I want payment.  I’ll take a “like”, a comment, a reTweet, a mention, an arm-twisted friend.  Anything to let me/us know that someone’s reading this blog.  The work will get done regardless, but it’s nice to know someone’s sharing our journey.  Maybe then I’ll post more photos…

In the meantime, we had an AWESOME weekend.  My niece and her beautiful children came to visit and we were pretty darn (see…. working on my profanity austerity…) austere.  With the exception of one meal out – which will serve as our monthly jaunt – we ate what I cooked….. and everyone survived!  We walked Pierre up to the local playground, watched movies and hung out.  It was fun!

As for purging and de-cluttering, the weekend was also a massive success.  Nicholas mentioned the unopened Lego and K-nex he gave to his cousins, as well as the Harry Potter Lego he had “inherited” from Chloe.  What he didn’t mention were all the books, movies, games, and other assorted toys he gave them.  He was uber generous and it was politely and enthusiastically received.

I also managed to sell our old treadmill on Craigslist, creating space in Glenn’s precious garage.  Um….  What exactly has he purged out there exactly?  And my niece very graciously helped me purge some home decor items that weren’t in current use, including lamps, pillows, fabric, pictures, mirrors….  You get the point.  It felt so good I can’t even tell you.   If only weight loss were that easy.

This morning, I was riding the high of material reduction and I was searching Brainy Quote for something funny to Tweet and I came across the following quote from Albert Camus, “It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.”  Now, I loved “The Stranger” in university and happen to consider Camus a pretty smart guy, but I’m not sure how I feel about this quote.  In some ways, it goes against our very premise.  Is it only possible to be happy if you have money???  What do you think?

Signed, Sarah the Snob.