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Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all of you out there!! In true austerity form, 9 girlfriends and I all went out to Boston Pizza for dinner (mainly because they had heart-shaped pizzas…) and then to the movies to see The Vow (which isn’t as good as most say) yesterday night. My girlfriend was my Valentine of the evening, and we had a fantastic time just us girls! How is this austere, you ask? Well we are all single ladies, which means we are without boyfriends and relationships, which is definitely austere. Duh.

Another thing I have been thinking about quite a lot this week is university. With my Planning class teaching me all about the different opportunities I have, and researching universities and our futures AND taking career aptitude tests, I’ve really started thinking more intensely about my future. I’ve also learned that university costs a TON of money, my God! A year can easily cost 20 grand, and taking into consideration that I want to be a psychologist, requiring a PhD (between 8 to 10 years of schooling), that is a shitload of money. Maybe I should contact UBC and see if they’re interested in starting their own austerity program, where they severely cut down on their admission costs… I mean, do they not want the world populated with intelligent people?

This being said, I definitely need to start finding ways to make and save some money – and fast! Even if my parents can pay for all of my schooling, I would really enjoy living on campus AND having spending money AND food AND furniture!!! That’s a lot of stuff for a teenager to come up with… I mean, I could write a book? Or I could…start my own blog and hope some company wants to advertise on it? Or hmm…start an advice column? But the most realistic option is most definitely to win the lottery. With a positive mind, you can do anything right? Well as of now, I am positive that we can win the lottery.

My fingers will officially be permanently crossed in the hopes of finding a million dollars on the side of the road and/or winning the lottery. I desperately hope that all these ‘good hopes and dreams’ advice I have been telling everyone works for me… Anyway, happy belated V-Day and happy austerity to all! … xoxo Chloe