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Snail mail delivered our Visa statement today and I was all set to write a comparison between this year and last.  And I will, but it will be short.  Not to get too emotional on you, but after pulling last year’s statement to review and taking note of several BC Ferries charges,  I was reminded of last January, February and March in larger-than-life surround-sound high def and I am too upset to post much more than the most cursory comparison.

I do feel I owe you a (brief) explanation though.  You see, last year I lost my mom to cancer.  The ferry charges that brought it all screaming back to me were from two visits made in January to visit her in hospital when they still didn’t know what was wrong with her.  To say that I miss her ranks among the greatest understatements in the history of mankind.  Most days, however, I honour her life and her memory by living my life to the fullest, taking nothing for granted.  Tonight, not so much.  My apologies.

It’s sort of fitting to have my mom in the forefront of my mind as I talk about saving money though.  Living in England through WW2, she was as financially austere as they come.  She would get a good laugh at our relatively luxurious “austerity measures”.  Of course, anyone who saved their food coupons during the war to buy black market pantyhose knows a thing or two about the finer things as well.

To the business at hand….. our statements are a little tricky to compare given the situation last year vs. this, but our restaurant spending was down almost $300 and while I’m sure our grocery costs went up, it’s hard to tell given the fact that superstores like WalMart are classified “retail and grocery”.  Overall though, that went down $300 as well – likely due to less retail I’m thinking. The stores Guess, H&M, Indigo and Romancing the Home figure prominently last year and I see hide nor hair of them this year.  *sob*

Being reminded of my mom and her precious pantyhose does give me an idea though.  I’m the least keen on the Starbucks front.  I wonder if the family would consider giving me credit (coupons) that I could spend on home decor (the black market…)?  Definitely something to ponder.

And, on that note, I bid you all good night.  Kiss your kids, hug your parents and tell your loved ones how much you love them.  Enjoy your blessings, right here, right now ’cause it’s all we’ve got.  Love and peace, Sarah. xoxo