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Good evening, Year of Austere-ians. I have had a very lazy day, consisting of a trip to the local Winners with my mom, eating, watching Friends repeats, followed by Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Now, I know y’all are jealous of my exciting day, don’t even try to deny it. My day would have been much better, had my attempt at a breech of austerity worked.

I spent the morning trying to convince my parents that this year was ruining my weekends, and that we had been wasting away the weekends doing nothing. (Which is actually quite true!) My parents’ suggestion???  Climb the Grouse Grind, go for a family walk and/or have a Lord of the Rings marathon… Umm, yeah, I’m sure you can understand how I ended up doing what I did today now.

The best non-austere thing I could get out of my parents today was convincing my mom to take me shopping to find something to wear to Mac Miller. His concert is in 15 days (not that I’m counting, or anything), and I have yet to figure anything out for it! Even after today, I didn’t buy a single thing and I am still left with the severe probability of going to the concert nude. I mean, I’m sure Miller wouldn’t mind, eh? My parents would be the ones that would mind if I went naked, meaning they should pay for a new t-shirt. That’s all I’m asking for – ONE SHIRT! My goodness, austerity sucks sometimes.  😦

I mean, I did end up having a pretty decent day, but I do sometimes miss having the ability to go shopping or out to dinner. An entire year of waiting for my friends to have parties, watching Jenna Marbles videos, thinking of clever Tweets and working out is gonna be the end of me. Yeah, I’ll have a great body, but that’s about it! I’m going to have to come up with a list of austere things to do… You can all look forward to that for Wednesday! Or maybe I’ll decide to blog before then…since apparently I don’t have anything else to do! … xoxo Chloe