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Hi guys,

So, today I wanted to discuss the “austerity of expression” that my mom uses a lot lately.  I guess everybody has this look but my mom uses it really often. The expression has three stages:  the look, the stare, and the hairy eyeball. Whenever I ask for something that is like Starbucks she uses these three stages.  It’s scary.  Seriously try getting those forty times a day.

I do it too so I’ll show you what I mean.  So the look means no, the stare means what are you trying to get me to do, and the hairy eyeball means no obviously not.

The look.








The stare.








The hairy eyeball.








So yeah.  This is how I entertain myself this year.  I’m just kidding around you know that right, Mom? So this is the end of my post so bye guys!  Have a great week!  Nick