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Good evening, to all! Happy Wednesday, Hump Day, or (as my dear, ‘special’ friend Natasha likes to call it) Sexual Wednesdays! I hope that no matter what you refer to this day as, you had a wonderful day of it. My day was quite long and boring, but I still managed to make the best of it! I find that living every day like the next day is Spring/Winter/Summer Break really makes the days easier to live through… Also, doing something on Tuesday nights really makes the weeks better! You see, by having something fun to look forward to, Monday and Tuesday are easier to deal with. Then, Tuesday night passes quickly, and before you know it Wednesday is over as well! After that, it gets easier because Thursday you know it’s Friday the next day, and the next day IS Friday! Easy peasy, if you really think about it.

Anyway, since Saturday when I promised you my list of fun and austere things to do, I have been working on making one! I have only come up with a few suggestions so far, but I am hoping that every week I will be able to blog at least once about how one of the activities went. Many of my ideas include friends though, so we’ll see how much I can take of them at one time… (Friend austerity for next month?? Hmm…) πŸ˜‰ So without further adieu, here is my fantastic (and slightly short) list!!

1. Cooking dinner with girlfriends. – This should be a good one, because often my friends and I would go out for dinner on a Friday or Saturday night and have fun that way. But this is an easier, cheaper and more fun way of socializing and spending time with your friends!! (Especially since one of my best friends, Claire, is an amazing cook and could maybe lead a class?? *hint hint wink wink*)

2. Going for a hike. – Hiking is a healthy way to workout for free, with the benefits of viewing nature along the way. Taking your friends and/or family along can also be a ton of fun and make things even better!!

3. Workout night with the girls. – Seeing as many of my friends and I are working our asses off (literally) to look our best for summer, this would be the best way to hangout, have fun AND get rid of those unsightly love handles.

4. Movie night at home with some friends. – Choose a genre of movie, pick some out, grab your friends and pop some popcorn! Sounds like a great night already, but also it is virtually free, and you can talk through the whole movie without being scolded by others! (Although, let’s be serious, some friends talk even if scolding IS going to happen…again, Natasha…)

5. Start a book club with some girlfriends. – This is a great way to get together, talk about different things, and also be able to read. Books are pretty cheap as it is, but if you’re being austere (me…), you can simply take books out from the local library. Yeah, you may have to buy a few snacks for your friends, but besides that, you’re home free!!

6. Photo shoot outside with my mommy. – With my mom being an amazing photographer (not that she’d admit it) and me loving to pose for the camera, this could be another fabulous way to pass the time. Not only that, but maybe you could even get a new FB display picture out of it…

So this is my list so far, and I seriously hope that you enjoyed it and will try some of these things out for yourself. I will of course be coming up with more ideas, and blogging about how they went! I would also love to hear from all of you about any ideas you all have, and how your austerity attempts go! Ciao for now, darlings! … xoxo Chloe