Let’s try this again.  Oh, wait.  You had no idea I just deleted the first pile of crap I wrote today.  Oops.  So, blog post 2.0….  Prepare yourself.  I might actually include photos…..  of myself.  Eeek!  I never do that.  I don’t like having my photo taken.  Hang on.  Scratch that.  Highly dislike?  Hate?  Loathe entirely??  Yes, that’ll do.  I loathe having my photo taken and that might be an understatement.  I think our family photos might include half a dozen of me a year and honestly I’m squirming when I even write about it.  What can I say?  Doesn’t it mean I have more soul left than most people?  Let’s go with that.

After my postscript on Monday and Chloe’s very inspiring “Sexual Wednesday” post yesterday, I’ve been putting thought into financially friendly family activities and for some reason I can’t get camping out of my head.  To be clear, I am not nor ever will be a happy camper.  (Lol!)  Maybe it’s the fact that my ex-pat British parents never took us when we were little (yet another thing to love about them).  OR… maybe it’s the fact that when my super outdoorsy bear-spray toting geologist live-at-camp-for-months husband first took me (could be romantic, right?), it felt more like boot camp than summer camp.  No pillows, no comfy chairs, no WINE (!!!!) – seriously, WHAT.  THE. HELL…???  Nothing that couldn’t be backpacked or portaged, even though we were at a drive-in campsite at a provincial campground.  Those luxuries were for amateurs (I’d say pussies, but I don’t want to offend anyone who doesn’t get I’m one of said group.).

So, me and Grizzly Adams never really got our camping groove on before adding children to the mix.  There was plenty of time for said groove-getting, I mean we were together what, like nine years before having Chloe?  It just wasn’t happening.  So, adding toddlers around a campfire or camp stove didn’t help.  We almost made it happen one year.  We had all the gear (including pillows and alcohol!!  I wore him down!) and the kids were old enough to be fun but not too needy.  All the ingredients for the perfect trip and then…. wait for it….. it poured for three days straight.  Somehow playing card games under the tarp got old fast and all there was to do was eat refined sugar snacks and salty goodness snacks.  We were all hyped up with no place to go.  Not pretty, my friends.  Not pretty.  I do believe that was the last time I ever camped.  Glenn and the kids go every year and if they’re close enough (1-2 hr drive), I visit.  I even bring Timbits.

This is me at home while they camp…










Anyway, that was a very long-winded way of getting to some of the most fun we’ve ever had.  After the “trip from hell” sponsored by the sugary/salty aisles at our local grocery store, we decided to cut out all non-nutritional snacking during the week.  Instead, we had movie night every Saturday night with movie snacks and Sunday was games day.  Movies were awesome, but it did get more difficult to choose movies that everyone was interested in as time went on, especially with a five year age difference between the kids.  Games day was super fun.  We each got to pick a game to play and we played all of them.  Thinking back, those weekends lasted well over a year.  Maybe now that Nick is older, we could revisit both of those days.

So, I’ve flipped through our photos and this is the best I can do….









It’s my “happy camper” photo.  (Look how cute Nick is!!!)  And, maybe just maybe I’ll consider camping again.  Maybe.

Bye!  s. xoxo