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Well, it seems that Sarah’s “Happy Campers” post hit a nerve with some of you, if the commentary is any indication.   Not only did I get aggressively pushed under the bus – or, RV – on this one, now everyone has this image of me as some loony, tree-hugging sadist.    FYI, I don’t hug trees – that’s just weird.    I stroke them every now and then, that’s all, just to get the sap out to chew (it tastes like chicken).  And if a night in the woods makes me a sucker for punishment well, hey, bring it on.    BTW, bannock is good with syrup; but of course, syrup is heavy, so we have to leave that home.  Sorry.  😦

Now, down to the really important stuff…Austerity.   Have we forgotten what we’re up to here.  Eye on the ball, people!

So, our iron goes on the blink this week, and I say to Sarah in a helpful sort of way – “Why don’t you let me take that apart and try to fix it; you know, to save a few bucks.   It is the month of financial austerity, after all.”

There should be a 30 second pause at this point, while we all imagine Sarah laughing uncontrollably, unable to speak.  It’s very uncomfortable you know when people just laugh at you like that.

When she finally does respond, it is something along the lines of “What, and burn the house down?  That would really be austere, wouldn’t it?”

Well, shoot me for trying.   I am astounded at the lack of respect I get sometimes, especially in terms of my handy-man prowess.   I guess she’s most concerned that my bushy Grizzly Adams beard might get singed if I start toying around with electricity.

So now, what do we have for an iron?  A handy-dandy, super-de-duper 2-foot long, titanium-lined, artistically molded Walmart Special that has one of these high-speed cord winder-uppers.   I happened to walk by yesterday and I almost lost a limb.   There you go – limb austerity.   That’d be something at least.

I was going to talk about my austerity efforts on the home office front this week, but I guess that’ll have to wait until Tuesday now.  Maybe by then, my arm will have grown back.

Have a great weekend.  I guess.