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Bonjour, my lovelies! I have had a fantastic week, and am hoping that this will continue into the coming week as well. My week so far consisted of far too much math homework, seeing Natasha’s play twice and a sleepover/movie night with Shelby…followed by the unexpected arrival of our friends Zac and Kyle. I managed to have a ton of fun and spent almost no money at all! … Never thought those two things could be put together…

Tasha’s play, ‘Our Town’, was quite an amazing production and I had a lot of fun watching her act. She’s a fabulous performer and it was interesting to watch her on stage!! The tickets for ‘Our Town’ were only $10, which is a great price for an evening of intrigue. (Not to mention, something to do instead of sitting at home…alone…doing homework…crying… Wait, what?) I attended that tonight and also on Tuesday, and I’m glad that I went both nights!!

Last night, Shelby came over and we had what we affectionately call ‘Fat Fridays’, which is simply a night where we eat junk food and enjoy one another’s company. This particular Friday, we decided to watch ‘Breaking Dawn’, followed by ‘UP!’. Halfway through our first movie and our first bag of chips, our besties Zac and Kyle decided to join us! These goofballs turned the night into an even funner (not a word, but that’s okay) experience.

Having the boys show up and the night become even better made me notice that throwing some boys into the mix and being spontaneous, can make a night that much more fun!! I’m hoping to do something with the three of them again soon, and I think all of you should go out and do something fun right now! I mean, why not, eh? Good luck to all of you on your spontaneity for the week, and I shall talk to you on Wednesday! Kisses to all. … xoxo Chloe