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This being my final post in Financial February, I imagine a recap is in order. The mortgage statement came and was looked into.  At the moment, our best option is to stay the course and keep our fingers crossed that in two years time, when it’s time to renew our term, interest rates are as low as they are now.  So, if everyone would please keep their fingers crossed for the next two years, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

The vast majority of our tax slips are in and I expect the remainder within days. Then I’ll get to do Glenn’s taxes and see whether we are in the black or in the red.  Black’s my colour, so once again it’s fingers crossed.

Our financial vision of this year has been discussed (ad nauseum, I might add) and with the exception of a few changes to our charitable donations due to our expected savings this year, not much has changed since last year.

I did look into the whole coupon thing here in Canada and while I could chase my tail and save a few dollars here and there, it wouldn’t be worth the loss of time or extra stress and errands involved.  Also, I would have to change brands based on what’s on sale and I’m finding out I’m an advertiser’s worst nightmare – a loyal customer….  More on that later.  For my friends south of the border, my niece put me on to a great couponing blog, http://my-frugal-lifestyle-guide.blogspot.com/2010/08/coupon-blog-directory.html.  I hope it helps save you money and time.

While looking into the whole coupon thing, I stumbled across online surveys that pay either in points or sweepstakes entries.  I found these early in the month and thought I’d give them a try.  In my humble opinion, they are a massive waste of time. I can also tell you that I think branding is stupid.  No, that loaf of bread’s personality is not trendy or edgy.  No, I don’t care who sponsors it.  And, no, I don’t care what charities you support with extra profit money skimmed out of my pocket.  I’ll give to my own d*mn charities, thank you very much.  In case you can’t tell, I got a little fired up about the surveys.

One thing that did come out of the survey experiment, the coupon investigation, and just the constant financial buzz this month is a renewed belief that what we’re trying to accomplish this year is worthwhile.  Everything shouldn’t be about money.  On the flip side, I take my purchases very seriously.  My dad always said the only real vote we have is the dollar in our pocket and how we choose to spend it.  Seriously, wiser words were never spoken.

I choose to vote for organic food as often as possible. I choose to vote for environmentally friendly products pretty much exclusively. I choose to vote for companies with ethically and responsibly made products.  I will not save money at the expense of my beliefs.

This year is testing us in ways we had never considered going into it.  And it really is re-shaping our days, thoughts, even friendships.  And, since no post lately seems complete without a picture and since this post is fairly mundane, I will leave you with this to think about….   Take care, s.