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Yet another blank page…  So much possibility…  Hmm.  Well, today marks day one of “Dietary Austerity”.  Yeah.   We don’t know what it means either.  I guess in the broadest of definitions (from this humble broad), we are aiming to improve our menu by maximizing  the nutritional content of our meals and minimizing gratuitous snacking.  Make sense?

I inspired myself in my “Happy Campers” post to re-visit that year of movie nights and games days, complete with naughty snacks on movie nights AND ONLY on movie nights.  Sorry, Nicholas.  It’s only one month and yes, I love you.  I promise here and now in front of blog witnesses to take you to Menchies on April 1st.  Pinky swear.

The order of the day was purging the fridge, freezer and pantry of naughtiness. Knowing today was coming has made the last week rather snack plentiful as we were trying to eat the temptation and perhaps our feelings….  I’d *sob*, but when I re-read my posts, I seem to do that alot.  Oops.

I may or may not post a few recipes.  That hasn’t been decided yet.  We will explore new foods.  That should give something for Nick to *sob* about on Sundays!  (“Artichoke Delight….  or why I dislike my mom…”)  We’ve thought about going vegan for a week, but that seems hard even for us.  Maybe vegan one day a week?  We’ll see.  Part of why I’m hedging is that I find it difficult enough to cook every day of the week (seriously, Mom, you were the best!), let alone bake healthy snacks, introduce new veggies in an enticing fashion and go vegan – um, and give up pizza???  What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

Part of the premise for this year, if I remember correctly, was that this venture create less “noise” in our lives, not more.  That’s where the hedging really takes flight.  We feel like the last two months were successful though, so we will tackle this with the same verve!  Didn’t Chloe mention something about cooking?  I believe I have it in writing…. “Oh, Chloe!!!!…..”

In conclusion, I intend to go from this….







to this….







Any thoughts???  Have a fantastic, nutritious weekend!  Sarah