Hola, fellow human beings! I am very happy to inform you that I managed to turn my boring week, into one of much fun. I went to a party, am hanging out with friends AND found an outfit for my concert tomorrow night. If that’s not your definition of a fabulous week, then there’s something severely wrong with you and you should probably get that checked out. (See me in 10 years when I have my PhD in Psychology…)

So this Year of Austere has really taught me the value of cheap entertainment. Having a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon with my mom was one of the best things I did this week. (I’m sad to admit, but it is our favorite show…) Listening to Natasha’s weird but hilarious jokes, also proves to be a mood lightener and a source of fun at any moment. Yesterday night I also went to a party at my friend’s house for his birthday, and this was also a ton of fun. Sitting around listening to great music, dancing and being with all my friends is one of the best ways to spend a Friday. I will be doing the same tonight with a couple girlfriends who are coming over soon! We are going to bake cookies, watch movies, and gossip about last night’s party… All for free, too!!

However, one of the biggest stresses of my entire week was definitely managing to find something to wear to Mac Miller. With the concert tomorrow, I was certainly going to have a heart attack this morning. My mom and I searched many stores at our local mall and didn’t find a single thing. It was not until my mom had a last, desperate thought of checking Garage (I don’t even like that store), that we managed to find something! For under $15, I found a shirt and a bandeau, perfect for my concert, and can be reused for summer! I found this very encouraging to know that sometimes the cheapest of the cheap is actually what you’re looking for, so don’t diss it just ’cause you think it’s less than!!

All in all, I learned a lot this week! I battled my urge to shop, until the moment where I actually needed something, and then managed to find something perfect for not very much money. I also discovered that a friend’s jokes can be the perfect way to have a laugh, without paying a single cent. And last, but definitely not least – spending time with your friends and family is the best way to pass the time. Because as long as you love the people you’re with, it shouldn’t matter what you’re doing! … xoxo Chloe