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Bonjour, my loves! I’ve had this whole week so far off school, and I’m really enjoying it more than I can even describe. This has been a much needed break, and I’m quite looking forward to my two days of school before Spring Break! These days off, I have been spending with my friends and family, and really just having a good time with them. After reading my mom’s post from Monday, it really got me thinking about all the amazing people in my life.

Throughout the years, I have made and kept many wonderful friends, from many different places. Yes, I have dropped some as well, but that is only because if there is negativity, you need to get rid of it. But what one must always remember, is that if you have friends and family that will stick beside you, you can get through anything. Obviously my family I’ve had all along, and will always have my back and vice versa. As far as friends go, I have made friends that are from all different aspects of the spectrum of life. I have friends that are newer, friends that I didn’t used to get along with, strong friends, weak friends, dumb friends and intelligent friends. To have all friends is a true blessing of mine, and has truly opened my eyes to all ways of thinking.

In this past year, I have made two new friends, both that are some of the best friends I have had in my whole life and could never live without. Shelby and Emma are both very strong girls, with personalities bigger than a drag queen’s. Both of my relationships with these girls started off on such a bad foot, that ‘rocky’ would be a nice way to put it. Emma and I finally warmed up to each other when she taught me how to Dougie in social dance, during PE last year. Ever since then, we have been thicker than thieves, and she’s so comfortable with me that she even feels she can sit on my head… (See photo below, if you dare to see such brutal harassment!) Shelby and I took a little longer to become friends, but ever since the beginning of this year, we have been joined at the hip. Whether it’s our constant texting, joking at school, or hanging out together, we’re always there for one another.

Emma, the Aggressor.

As for the other wondrous people in my life…Natasha is my friend that looks oh so quiet and innocent on the inside, but then you get to know her! I swear, you can’t spend a minute with her without her saying ‘sexual’ or ‘awkward’. She’s definitely the future Jenna Marbles, but quite a bit weirder and a TON funnier! Then there’s my darling Claire, who I love so dearly. She’s a bit like Natasha in the way that she seems very quiet, which she is, until you get a little wildness out of her!! She’s also a very funny, intelligent person and though she’s the worst texter on the planet, I adore her. Then I have my weird and quirky Taryn, who’s set on changing the entire world, and making it a better place for everyone. My fun loving, sweet and party-crazed Lael! Loving, kind, intelligent and gorgeous, Zoe. My ‘full black sister’, Kiah, who is new to my life as of this year, but is a wonderful addition, that’s for sure. All of which I am more than grateful for and blessed to have behind me, beside me and in my heart.


Claire Bear!

As for the wonderful boys (or should I say men?) in my life, I couldn’t be any happier with them. The friend I’ve had for the longest (goin’ on eight years now, holyyyy!) is my lovely Kyle. Though he’s possibly the strangest person that I’ve ever met and probably ever will meet (weirder than skidditch – as my mother would say), I love him to death. We can talk about anything, have fun doing anything together and are so comfortable in front of one another. Kyle’s probably the only guy I’d ever allow to come over at a girls’ Fat Friday, when I’m already in my pjs with my makeup off and hair in a bun! Kyle knows how much I love him, and I’m sure that’s never going to change – lifelong friends is what we are. As far as one of our best friends Zac goes…he’s equally as strange as my dear Kyle, but maybe slightly brighter and more insightful. 😉 Zac is a wonderful writer, and I absolutely adore his stories and poems – he’s definitely going somewhere with those! Though he is slightly socially awkward at parties and whatnot, I’m determined to break him out of his shell!! But nonetheless, I love that kid almost as much as I love my Kyle. Almost. 😉

Kyle and me, circa 2010.

Last but certainly not least, there’s my beloved Justin. He is an aspiring soccer player, hat salesman and family man. Justin and I have only been friends for around five months, but we have been tight ever since meeting. He’s the most positive person I know, and he encourages me to pursue my dreams, just as he is doing. He picks me up on a down day and makes me feel like a million bucks, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him. Justin, I’m sure you’ll never read this – but please keep up your positivity, because it is like no other. Even though you make me go insane at almost ever minute of every day, I absolutely adore you!! I’m certain that you will go wherever you want, and I can’t wait to visit your mansion in Europe one day!

As for my family, there’s not much I can say for them besides the fact that they are the most inspiring, loving, encouraging and kind people I have ever met. My mom is one of the most intelligent, crazy, funny and interesting people on the planet. She has the most brilliant ideas and always finds a way to make things interesting!! My mom is definitely my best friend and always will be, no matter what happens. As for my dad – he’s probably the smartest and hardest working person I have never met. (…no offence mom!) He is an amazing writer, tries so hard to not only be positive, but encourages others to be positive as well! He has so many dreams and aspirations that I know he will make come true one day. And then there’s Nick… Though he’s the youngest in my family, he is literally one of the sweetest and kindest people I know! He may be younger than most, and he has his entire life ahead of him, but I honestly don’t know how he’s gonna get any better than he already is. All of them will stop at nothing to do good for others and are always there for me throughout everything that’s ever happened. Every single one of them I love more than I could ever explain, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Though Emma and Shelby aren’t the only important people in my life, their stories are the most eye opening for me. Both of those relationships started off on a bitter foot simply because we wouldn’t give one another a chance! Whether it was because of rumors, a difference in character, or a similarity in character, we just automatically disliked one another. After getting to know them though, I would protect either of them to the end of the earth, and I know they’d do the same for me. But after finding a best friend in both of these girls, I will never be so quick to judge someone, because a best friend may lie within them as well. I am truly blessed and thankful for every single person in my life, no matter what part they played. Every person has taught me a different lesson and has made me into the person I am today. Though this post was mainly about me rambling about my friends and family, I do think it’s very important to truly cherish and acknowledge those wonderful people in your life. My wish is that everyone may be as blessed as I am, and really sit down and think about all the beautiful people in their lives… xoxo Chloe

Shelbzzz! ❤

Flem, by Gem. :*