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First of all, a very big thank you to all of you who commented so positively on my last post (65/Let Them Eat Cake), connected with me on Facebook and promoted me on Twitter.  You’re all so kind.  It was a very personal post and I felt more than a little exposed.  So, thank you.

As for this month’s austerity topic – dietary – we are finding it challenging to get in the right head space.  Scratch that.  I am finding it challenging.  If I was on top of things and planning and shopping properly, the family would be given very little choice but to “eat it and like it”.  We had an extremely busy weekend – for the likes of us happy-to-live-in-our-jammies-all-weekend crowd anyway.  And it was followed by several days of all of us being at home again.  Glenn was working from his home office and the kids were off due to the teacher’s strike.  When my family is home, I tend to hang out with them rather than do a lot of planning/organizing.  My bad.

So, instead of movie night, the kids and I have had a seemingly unending movie marathon. Games day was usurped by Nicholas having a friend sleep over, so if Nerf wars count, we’ve hosted two in less than a week.  My Sunday soup got cancelled.  I cannot for the life of me remember why now and I can’t remember telling you that bit anyway.  Menopausal brain blips and I are BFFs now.  Between those and constant hot flashes, I’m a wreck.

Since I’ve failed this week, I’ll just apologize and throw barely relevant humor at you.  Sorry and enjoy.  Mea culpa.  s. xoxo