The wind blew so hard last night, I was awake for an hour.  It was fast and loud and I was pretty sure at least one of the Douglas firs in the neighbourhood would end up on our house.  Now, yes, it’s March on the West Coast and this is “normal” for this time of year, but this year it feels personal somehow.  Like it’s testing my resolve.

The kids are off on Spring Break (for two weeks, no less!) and it seems like we are the only family left in the ‘hood.  I know you think I’m exaggerating, but honestly half of the families we know are winging their way south to sun, sand, and fruity umbrella drinks.  Or they are hitting the slopes at a nearby ski resort.  Truly, we could use a break.  Luckily(???), we’ve taken turns being strong and so far we are committed.  It’s really hard though.

I did, however, spend the morning on Expedia looking at weekend getaways, thinking that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  This is where Glenn’s aversion for Sin City came in handy and an austerity breach was averted.  It was less than ten minutes ago though that he caught me prowling hotel and travel sites for next year’s Spring Break and he said… and I quote… “See if they’re free next week….  Book it!”  Sheesh.  Seriously, his potential breach outdid mine by a longshot.  This time, it was me who saved our austerity integrity.  “We can look forward to next year,” said I (only a little smugly).

So, to recap….  Austerity’s really hard.  It’ might even be harder when it’s self-imposed. People might argue that point and please, argue away.  By all means, fill the comment section.  Crash Word Press!  What do I care?  I’m housebound for what seems like the millionth day, admittedly due more to the weather than austerity, convincing my kids that this is the life.  Meanwhile, they have friends in Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona, Europe…. Yep, I’m going to win that debate….

Staying strong (cold and wet) in Vancouver, s. xoxo