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Well, I do seem to be spending quite a bit of time lately under the wheels of the bus, having been thrown there by my beautiful wife.  This time, it was published for all to see that I suggested that we fly off down south over the Spring Break to soak up a few rays.   Geez, it was just a suggestion.   I could say this was just a test.  To see how Sarah would react.  You know, to confirm that she’s still made of the right stuff.

She is.

But I do admit that we are in the doldrums of austerity right now.  Into our third month.  Having to live vicariously through the Joneses next door as they fly off to Shangri la.   Bastards.

I am thus reminded of a scene in the Bourne Identity in which a fellow assassin, laying dying at Bourne’s hand, says as his eyes close…”Look what they make you give.”  I’ve been thinking about this scene a lot recently because at times, it does seem like we are giving a lot.  Or, more precisely, giving up a lot.  And while I would like to lash out and blame someone or something else for this, I must keep in mind that no one else is making us do this.  WE are making us do this.   And we will continue to make us do this.

Did I just say that?

Actually, it is quite interesting to see the impact of this year on our family as a unit.  It often takes “duress” to bring out the true colours.   And what are those colours?  Well…

Perhaps what compels me to make this parallel to the UN at this point is our decision-making process.   The UN, while an international collective, is dominated by the Five Veto Powers.   The same for the Family Austere, although we have 4.   As I have so painfully learned, it just takes one member of the FA to veto an idea and the idea is DEAD.   Now I won’t suggest which family member aligns with what Veto-carrying UN member, but Comrade Sarah might have a few ideas.

A few other observed similarities…

  1. The UN is dedicated to achieving world peace.   Our family is also slowly but surely on the road of peace – inner peace – this year.  And while we may not see it clearly yet, nor believe that the reduction of excess will achieve it, I do believe that our lessons will bear fruit in future.
  2. The UN is all about cutting.   Cutting out war, tyranny, poverty, hunger, disease, etc.   The Family Austere is all about cutting too.   So much so I feel dizzy.  Damn those Joneses to hell!
  3. The UN peacekeeping force was the brainchild of fellow Canadian, Lester B. Pearson and, in creating said organization, had a lasting impact on the world at large.   Now, while the Family Austere doesn’t presume it will repeat this, we would be happy if at least our own lives are improved – and we are definitely seeing this already.   The icing would be to see others take something positive away as well.
  4. While disagreements within the UN community commonly occur, they are always in the best interest of the greater good.   The Family Austere too has experienced this.  In the end, we always stay true to the overarching goal of the Year of Austere.   Those Joneses just suck.

The UN is not going away anytime soon.  And neither are we.   Come hell or high water we will make it through this.  And to help me keep my spirits up, I just realized that I get to cook on Friday.  Goodie.

Yours in austerity, Glenn