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Hello, everyone! I have had a rather uneventful Spring Break, and I’ve been to the gym two times so far… I was planning on going today, but life took over and I had stuff to do and people to see. I will be going tomorrow, because I am actually beginning to enjoy it again! Once I’ve finally got back into the routine of it, it starts to become just daily life, and you actually begin to crave it!

The thing that I’ve learned about the gym is that you have to push yourself enough to actually workout, but not so hard as to put you off of going back! If you get into the routine of doing the exact same thing every time you go, it’s going to become a chore. Spice it up every once in a while, and work on a different part of your body. One time, work on yours abs, another time work on your booty, then the next time just do cardio.

Another good thing to remember is that going to the gym and just running on the treadmill, may be the least you can do there, but it’s better than not! Even if you’re not in the best frame of mind, remember that you’re working way harder than if you hadn’t come! That said though, sometimes it does feel extremely good to have sweat pouring down your head and your legs to feel like they’re going to collapse beneath you! If there’s anything you’re looking forward to, something that you want a good body for (summer, a vacation, a boyfriend, a party), envision that while you’re working out, and that will push you that much further. Pump up music also works wonders!!

Even if you’re stuck home one day and don’t feel like going out, or don’t have time to go all the way to the gym – that’s no excuse! Go online, type in the body area you’re looking to work on, and the word ‘workout’, and voila! You have a home workout. I have a personal workout that makes me feel a lot better and refreshed, and also works out my target areas! I want a bigger butt and a tighter stomach, so I include a lot of crunches and legs lifts – which work great.

I may have mentioned before that I was working on putting together an inspiration board for my fitness…well that’s still not complete!! But that’s changing! Before my next post, I will have finished my board and will have pictures and all. So now, there’s no excuses for any of you out there! Go out, Google, or pick up a workout DVD – but you’re gonna be exercising!! This is the year that you should change your life, get that ass you’ve always wanted and to feel sexy about yourself all the time. Below, I have attached an ab workout and a butt workout, so check those out and then find some for yourself! 🙂 Good luck exercising!! … xoxo Chloe

For great abs…  http://exercise.about.com/od/abs/ss/abexercises.htm

For a great booty… http://exercise.about.com/od/butthipsthighs/tp/butt.htm