With Spring Break well under way, I am finding it very difficult to do anything productive or even remotely fun! I keep coming up with projects to do and different things to keep me busy, but I always end up just sitting on the couch and watching TV, eating chips and wasting the days away. I don’t know what happens to people when they have a significant amount of time off, but it always seems like they get less accomplished than if they had a small amount of free time. Which is funny, because you’d assume that if all your time was filled with schooling and activities, when you finally had some free time you’d take a break. But that’s definitely not how it is! So is being busy better for what you do with your time?

I remember when I used to be a dancer, and I spent around twenty hours a week at the studio either taking classes or instructing them. It was a tiresome commitment and I was constantly on the go, trying to balance all of that, along with family, friends and school work. However, looking back, I always did manage to have time to spend with my friends having sleepovers and going to parties, hanging out with my family and I always maintained my grades. When I finally quit, I was relieved to be done with the time commitment, and I immediately starting using the time wisely. Eventually though, I ran out of ways to be spending my time and started doing nothing at all! I’d see my friends once or twice a week, my homework would get done and I’d be with my family – but procrastination was my best friend.

So, what I’m beginning to realize is that sometimes a filled schedule with activities to do will get more things done and a more entertained you! Maybe try writing a list of all the things that you want to accomplish in a certain time period, and then force yourself to get them done. That way, not only did you do everything you set out to do, but you can also tell yourself that you finished what you started. Because as good of a feeling as it is to kick back on your couch with a bag of chips, some candy and a good ol’ movie, that good feeling will only last for so long!!

So what this Year of Austere has made me realized is that even if you decide that there’s nothing fun to do and you just wanna laze around for a while, at the end of it you will feel like you wasted your time away! So no matter what your circumstances are, you can always find fun things to do to fill your time and have a great day! So the next time you’re bored, write a list of all the fun things you can come up with and make an expiration date as well. (Why do you think people put so much time into writing bucket lists and summer lists and whatnot!?) You’ll be forced to do things that sometimes you just wouldn’t get around to, and in the end you’ll be happy you did them. So ready, set, go!! … xoxo Chloe

Oh…and a little something for all of you that will just be remaining on their couches this whole time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCF3ywukQYA