Hi guys. So the year of austere has not been bad. In fact I like it, it’s a change from the normal life (but don’t tell my mom). Since it spring break my parents took pity on me and my sister. I’m happy they did because I went skiing today.  Me and my dad saw this huge raven outside the command booth on Cypress like it was huuuuge! They must feed it (apparently a lot).  So one of the agreements of the year of austere was that me and my sister got to keep our allowance and I have been saving to buy a video game and I finally got it yesterday. I’m happy I got to keep my allowance. Sorry this has been so boring. I can’t write now.  I have a video game to play.  Have a good Spring break.  Bye. Nicholas.

p.s.  The plant experiment isn’t doing much.  The plants were so wet when we bought them, we had to wait 4 days to water them.  Hopefully something happens soon.