Hola, dearest readers! Today I had a fantastic time downtown at Vancouver’s Science World with my mom and Nick. We looked at all of the exhibits and went to an OMNIMAX about Arabia, which was super interesting and a ton of fun. We also decided to buy a year-long family pass, which means we can go as often as we want for free (after two and a half times, it pays itself off)! Seeing as I love Science World and it’s on my summer list and all my friends enjoy going as well, this is a great investment and will be often used. Not only will it save money for everyone, but will also be a continuous incentive to go and a reminder as well.

Seeing as Saturday I wrote all about procrastination and making lists and blah, blah, blah, I figured I should probably not procrastinate and have something actually interesting to write about for this post! So instead of procrastinating and coming up with a writing topic last minute, I didn’t! I began a list of some unique things I want to do with my friends this summer, so I can start to get excited and ready for the best summer ever. (Yeah, I think of every summer as the best one yet…but there’s nothing wrong with positivity!!) I don’t know if I’m the only person that looks up cool and different bucket list ideas, but I rarely find any ones that are amazing enough and easily enough to do as a teen. So here’s my own personal list of fun (and cheap) things to do with your friends and/or family when you’re bored or looking for adventure!

– go to the Vancouver Art Gallery (also referred to as the VAG by my mom…) on the free nights past 5 o’clock
– pier jumping at the beach
– watch a local band perform at a nearby restaurant or go to karaoke night in your neighborhood
– go to Science World
– camp out in yours or a friend’s backyard, set up the tents and watch the stars above you until you all fall asleep warm and cozy cuddled into one another (all in your backyard – meaning running water and toilets aren’t far!)
– go thrift shopping and find as many cool things you can
– bus downtown and go see a psychic or a palm reader, and get all of your palms read
– make a stupid music video and put it all together in a interesting way – great way to get some laughs and have some fun
– go for a picnic on the beach or in a field, tell all your friends to bring a different food item and there you go
– have a photoshoot with your friends and take some really cute photos together
– make different types of spa gels and creams and have a spa day at home
– go to the beach, set up the foldable chairs, bring some blankets and watch the sunset over the water
– have a bonfire down by the water with a bunch of friends (yeah, it’s illegal in some places, so look into it before!)
– volunteer at a local homeless shelter or food bank
– go to local garage sales and look around
– walk through Michael’s or Walmart (or any other craft store) and look around until a craft project comes to mind, them make it
– spend an entire week doing at least one thing every single day
– have a movie marathon

Now that I have given you all 18 great ideas that you can use for virtually free, get to it! Write your own lists and make sure to share them to our comments section, because we’d love to hear (read) them. I’ll think of more and talk to my girlfriends as well, and then get back to you. Hope you’ve all been inspired to write your own lists and start having a fun time as soon as possible! See you on Saturday! … xoxo Chloe