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Today, my sweeties went back to school after two lazy weeks of Spring Break.  We loved every single second of it and, I have to say, today was a little surreal.  For starters, the house was…. quiet.  Weird.  I was able to do a bit of tidying and meal planning before going to the grocery store.  My goal for today with regard to our austerity project and this post was to stock up on healthy food for the snack station I am creating in the fridge.

And then I got to the grocery store…  And just like that, another idea came to me.  I ran into no less than three people I know – an old acquaintance, a friend I rarely get to see and a friend I see all the time.  I love catching up with old friends, so that was nice. Running into one of my BFFs was lovely. We annoyed many people I’m sure while we chatted it up somewhere between the cheese and milk.  (Sorry!)  Seriously, she made my day.  I love that lady.  In the five or ten minutes we spent together, I laughed out loud (yes, LOLed!) many times.  Anyway, I’m rambling, but I came home to find flowers on my front porch from her, because she knows I’m being austere this year.

This post is, therefore, dedicated to her and to my other kind, supportive, imaginative friends that are lifting me up in creative, inspiring ways.  Whether it be days spent at the beach with camp chairs, blankets (it’s still cold here!) and a beer cooler or hot tea and ginger snaps, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying both.  Pink champagne too!  We’ve painted together and taken photos.  We’ve sweated it up at the gym!  SO much funner talking to a friend than watching the second hand on the clock!!

I’ve also been fortunate in this journey to be the Twitter mouthpiece for our blog.  Going into it, I thought only of the work required to build a following and come up with something to say.  I had no idea how inspired I would be by the creative souls out there.  People near and far who I’ve had the pleasure to connect with and exchange ideas with.  I’ve been meaning to put together a blog roll of sorts for a long time, but my technical blog skills have proven a hindrance.  Until now.  I took the time today to figure out another way of sharing my fellow bloggers with you – a separate page!  Now, at the top of our blog, you can see “BLOGS THAT ROCK” – and they really do.  These are kind, talented people I admire.

So, to friends near and far, 3D and virtual, I salute you!  Thanks for making this journey so much richer than I ever could have imagined it would be.   You ALL rock!  s. xoxo