Good evening, fellow human beings. As the clock ticks away and the day flies by, I am becoming more and more excited to go to Germany! To get away from the regularity of every day life will be fantastic and an opportunity to have a break and have a ton of fun. No longer will I spend every day attending school, going to the gym, doing homework and watching SNL reruns…and then calling it a day!!! However, until the 13th, I will be writing numerous lists, lying out outfits and constantly trying not to forget anything. At least that will give me something to do?

One thing that will definitely be nice to take a break from is having to come up with a blog post idea twice every single week. Even though I will still have to write my posts in advance, I will still have two weeks off! Because not only do I have to come up with my own, I also have my dad attempting to bribe me with (the latest!) $14.75 and two Starbucks… Sometimes I even considering taking his offer because I need the money so desperately and crave Starbucks so frequently! Boy oh boy, the freedom I am going to feel I have once this year is over.

So I guess what I’m truly trying to say is that I apologize for this incredibly boring post, but I am running out of ideas! If anyone reading this has any fantastic ideas that they’d like me to try and write about or just write about or ANYTHING ELSE, please tell me!!! Because I can really only write one or two more posts about different types of lists and/or about funny things before I spontaneously combust. I’m 100% not kidding.

On the upside, I’m getting an A in math (who knew you could get an A in a class where you’re always confused?), it’s Sexual Wednesday (sexual), 16 days until I go to Germany (HOLY MOLY!) and I’m currently in sweats watching Saturday Night Live… Boy, I bet you’re all thinking ‘she has a sweet life’, and oh golly gee whiz is that the truth. Well until someone gives me an idea or a wonderful one just miraculously plants itself in my head, I will be watching Jenna Marbles videos and crying. Good night! … xoxo Chloe